Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Thirty days of devotion to Blessed Mary, Sacred Heart of the World

Shrine of Blessed Mary in my garden
photograph by Hettienne Grobler

Since the pagan times, the month of May always 
had a special significance for the divine feminine
and goddess.  
In the North it is spring, so the Romans and Greeks
 dedicated this month to Flora
and Artemis.  

In the Southern Hemisphere it is Autumn and we
prepare for the transition of the winter months to
deeper travels into the inner worlds.

Crowning ritual of Blessed Mary at the Temple of Mary shrine
in my garden by Hettienne Grobler

Traditionally the month of May celebrates
the crowning of Mary.

The Temple of Mary and her Flamekeepers
will celebrate the crowning of Mary in a ceremony
of devotion and celebration.

I will be sharing the date of this ceremony here 
in a future blog
and you may join in wherever you are
by creating an altar dedicated to the
Blessed Mother. 

 So take the time, create
an altar and weave a crown of flowers for your Mary statue. 
 Remember that your devotion and attention
invoke the holy Presence into the physical image and you can
 place water, oil and food on
your altar to be blessed by her presence.

 I will also share the
prayers and rosaries that we will use on that day.

Divine Sophia, Wisdom by Hettienne Grobler

We will also be devoting the entire Month of May
to Blessed Mother Mary and her gifts of
peace, healing and enlightenment.

The thirty days of devotion will include a daily
session of surya yoga, (sun gazing), saying Rosaries
specifically for certain days of the week and
for certain decrees, as well as time spent in 
meditation and healing circles.

I invite you to practise the 30-day dedication and devotion to Mary
during the month of Mary.  

Each day will be dedicated to an aspect of Divine Mary
and if you sign up for this practise, you will
receive daily mails with the details of the spiritual practise,
the focus of the dedication,
daily meditations, focus of the day
and the rosary for the day.

If you want to participate, send me an email and I will
send you the instructions. 
My email address is hettiennema@gmail.com

blessings to you

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  1. It's always a beautiful thing to see your Mary's on display.