Thursday, November 5, 2015

Life is an incredible work of Mosaic

Eight of Swords - Sacred Mysteries of Mary Tarot Deck

Life is an incredible piece of mosaic. 

 Life is a magnificent work of mosaic art
made from broken, smashed and fragmented pieces of
porcelain, clay, ceramic or glass.   

Each piece originally an artwork on its own.  
Each piece originally an individual
and unique item of beauty and creativity and imagination.

At one stage, the master crafter rejoiced in their birth
and took great pride in the skill and beauty that
created each piece.

Then the fall of the hammer.

Every single piece of porcelain or clay, 
has to be broken into many small
At times the hammer falls randomly.
For other pieces more planning goes into
the cutting.
All contributing to a new, unknown scenario.

 As they are broken, cut and smashed, fine dust
sprays everywhere, reminding one that these are all crafted
from sand and dust.

They lose their individuality.
together they become one vast magnificent work of art
rejoicing and praising the creation together as in one
chorus of harmony and delight.

The physical and emotional reality that we call 'Life'
is an outflow of our inner reality and a manifestation
of consciousness.  There is no separation between
the inner reality and the outer outflow.
No separation between creator, creation and the
art of creating.

There is one point of entry into the vastness.
There is one lens that can see beyond
the fragmented pieces and even beyond
the new picture of fragments.

And that door is this very moment.
Only this very moment, devoid of memory,
empty of expectation, free from the fear of
the smashing hammer, can enter through that

And as you take off the Emperor's clothing and you
leave behind everything that you think you are
and your pride in your own creations
and you come into the moment completely naked,
the door opens to reveal the vista of it All.

And as you return a new mosaic is ready and waiting ...........

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