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The Mysteries of Mary Tarot Deck pre-orders now available

Image from the Queen or Roses,
Earth Cloak of the Mother
Mysteries of Mary Tarot Deck

The dream is manifesting.
The Mysteries of Mary Tarot Deck are in its final stages of
graphic work being done and in a few days will be
off to the printers.  It is expected to be ready for shipping
at the end of October or  beginning November 2016 -
in good time for Christmas.

The deck has been reworked and now has a beautiful, rich
French and baroque style of colour and finish.
Many touches of gold and beautiful royal luminous colours.
The deck is accompanied by a paperback cover book
with years of research, ritual, prayers, mantra and
wisdom straight from the Mystery School of Mariam-Mary.

I am printing a limited edition for now.
Each deck will come in its own unique packaging
unique to that deck and signed by myself, the vessel
of the vision of Mysteries of Mary.

I am taking pre-orders if you want to secure your copy.
Deposits are accepted.

Extracts and discussions of the cards are available on the website
Mysteries of Mary Tarot at

Today we know the Blessed Mary as the Mother of Jesus who plays a small part in the story of Protestant Christianity and who plays an important part in the Roman Catholic tradition. She is lesser known as a goddess in the feminine traditions and very few would connect her with the great Mother goddesses of the past or the Lady Sophia in the Wisdom traditions.

But to myself, and others like me, there is a connection, a red thread that connects the dots in the eye of the heart. The ancient divine feminine had been demonised many moons ago and her stories had gone underground. One has to rely on myth, folk tale, oral traditions, fairy tales and subtle clues and especially correspondences, to uncover Her story. And today Mary is the Sacred Keeper of all Our Lady’s titles and Wisdom.

The Mysteries of Mary is a reweaving and a regathering of all these threads of Our Lady’s garment created from red wool and linen. We look in the Bible, in the Koran, the Kabbalah and many other ancient and rediscovered lost books. There are also esoteric and apocryphal books that tell the stories of Mary, the feminine counterpart of the Divine Creator in the Western religion and myth and many of these stories have been included to create The Mysteries of Mary deck. In this deck the story starts with Mara, the bitter one. Why is she called Mara? We follow Mara, the holy fool through the stories of Maria Prophetissa, the Jewess and the first woman alchemist, to Sophia, Mary of the Gael onwards till we get to the Woman who stands on the moon with twelve stars around her head.

Woven into the tapestry of myth, metaphor and inspiration, are fairytales and in particular, the folktale of The Handless Maiden. And so are the Greek, Roman, Egyptian, pagan and especially the Judaic history which is the precursor to the Christian mysteries.

The deck incorporates alchemical principles and as such it is a marriage of opposites, a living hieros gamos which follows the sacred journey of the Holy Fool through the mysteries of Mary. I focus on the mystical (hidden) and inner meanings of the Mysteries of Mary. Historically and politically there are so many theories and ideas – none of them completely provable – thus it remains a Mystery. The teachings of Jesus and the Marys, are also open to various interpretations. Many wars have been fought based on differences in interpretation. I am not exploring the religion of the Mystery, but rather the message that I, personally see in this ancient story.

The four suits of the deck correspond with the four cycles of Marys life : Virgin and Priestess as the Suit of Vessels; Beloved and Bride as the Suit of the Holyrood; Mother and Sacred Woman as the Suit of Distaff and Wisdom as Suit of Roses.

It is my vision that this deck can be the start of a far greater vision : one that marries the mind and the heart; the feminine and the masculine. It is my hope that you will glimpse the revelation that all religion contains Soul and that the veils of dogma and manipulation obscure the truth. May you look in the mirror of Sophia and see yourself as Love Eternal. - extracted from the Introduction of the accompanying book.

The full price of the deck and book set is USD50 plus shipping with a tracking number.

You can choose to pay a deposit of USD25 now and the balance when the deck is ready to be shipped.

Payments can be made through PayPal below.

If you are shopping locally and want to pay in South African Rands
it is cheaper for you to pay into my bank account.  Should you choose to
do so, please send me an email to let me know that you paid
for a deck.

The price of the of deck and book set is R750.00

If you buy two or more sets, you can get the sets at R700 per set.

A pre-order deposit of R350 per set will be accepted
If you need a layaway plan please email me at

For South African banking details please go to


Choose a payment option

Shipping costs $12.00 worldwide with tracking to be paid on shipping

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