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Join us in a mystical journey to the Three Marys in France 2019

The Magdalen card in Mysteries of Mary Tarot Deck

Come with us on a journey filled with mystery and
awaken the Divine Feminine within yourself

Join us on a mystical journey to the sites sacred to
the three Marys in  France

23 May to 6 June 2019

Three of the most important sacred sites in the Mary story :

Saintes Maries de la Mer,
Saint Maximin le St Baume
Spend  12 days exploring the myth and ritual
of  the three sacred aspects of Mary, the Great Mother,
Sacred Woman, Virgin and Beloved
Seen through the lens of Mysteries of Mary tarot and ritual

Picture taken during procession at Lourdes
2015 pilgrimage
Shrine of Mary Magdalene in the Basilica of
Mary Magdalene in St Maximin St Baume
2013 Pilgrimage

Sainte Sara la Kali in her many robes in the procession on the way
to the beach where she is submerged into the water and everyone
enters the blessed waters

You can read about my annual pilgrimages on my blog
Cloister of the heart at

Join us for 12 nights and 11 days in France
on a life-changing pilgrimage and retreat

We will explore the three aspects of Mary in the
stories and events of  Mary Magdalene
after the Resurrection,  her journey with two other Marys
in a boat to Saintes Maries de la Mer where they were miraculously
saved by Sara la Kali, to the last days of her life in the grotto
at La Sainte Baume and then we will travel to Lourdes
where we will spend the final three days of this pilgrimage.
It will include three days at the
We will also pay a visit to the Black Madonna in Marseilles.

The focus of this pilgrimage is the Divine Feminine
in the three aspects of Mary  Time will be spent immersing
ourselves in the sacred energies as pilgrims on these
ancient paths;  a daily meditation circle and tarot work,
tarot journalling, ritual, finding your Earth gifts and
creating a mandala in the forest, visiting the reliquaries,
creating your own tarot card and collage, participating
in the nightly light rosary procession at Lourdes,
drinking of the sacred waters of the miracle spring at Lourdes,
visiting the Basilica and enough personal time to soak it all up
and to look after the sensual pleasures of life, such as market
scavenging, eating local food and time to rest and integrate.
And did I mention three days during the feast day of
Sara la Kali and the sacred gypsy festival and pilgrimage?
And a full day of scouring French brocante and flea markets?

We will meet on 23 May 2019 in Marseilles France
and spend the night.
The following day, after a visit to the Black Madonna of
Marseilles, we will travel to the village of
Saintes Maries de la Mer
for the three day Gypsy pilgrimage to Sante Sara la Kali and festivities.
(You can read about my previous pilgrimage to
Sante Sara and the Gypsy pilgrimage on my blog here)
Then we will move to Saint Maximin de la Sainte Baume
for three nights and three night at Lourdes
and then back to Marseilles.

The basilica in St Maximin la St Baume where the remains
of Mary Magdalene was found and the basilica was
erected on the site

Here we will visit the Mary Magdalene shrine
and skull reliquary at
Basilica Saint Maximin la Saint Baume.
We will travel to the sanctuary and Grotte St Saint Baume of
Mary Magdalene and ceremoniously 
walk the pilgrimage to the sacred Grotto where Mary Magdalene's bones
 are kept and where she spent the last thirty years of her life.
We will drink water from the sacred spring in the Sanctuary
of Mary Magdalene.

Mysteries of Mary Tarot Deck
Picture taken in crypt of Church of Saintes Maries de les Mer 2012

You can read about my previous pilgrimage to the festival
and pilgrimage of the Romani Gypsies to
Sante Sara la Kali here

We will travel by TVG to Lourdes from Aix-en-Provence
where we will stay in an appart-hotel in the
sanctuary of Lourdes.  Everything is within walking distance
and we will visit the grotto many times for prayers, meditations,
lighting candles, washing in the miraculous waters,
and participating in the various Rosary processions

Ave Maria!
An  unforgettable experience.
Read more about my many pilgrimages to Lourdes
on my blog Cloister of the Heart.

The pilgrimage will include :
A day workshop in tarot and specifically the Mysteries of Mary
tarot deck.  Each pilgrim will receive the deck and book
as part of the pilgrimage gift pack.

Each morning will start with a sacred circle of
focus and intent;  I will share with you how to work
with your personal numerology and the tarot.
Each pilgrim will receive a specially created tarot journal
and images for the pilgrimage.  You will have time to
journal and collage your entire pilgrimage and all work
done with the tarot.

A workshop in which you will create your own personal
tarot card compiled of insights and experiences
during the pilgrimage.

A leisure day to explore the old village and its
amazing architecture and sights, the many patisseries,
fruit stalls, street markets and coffee shops.

A day trip to the markets at Arles and Aix-en-Provence

Visits to cathedrals sacred to Virgin Mary and
Mary Magdalene in the region

We can only accommodate maximum 7 people.

A handcrafted Mysteries of Mary Tarot Rosary
for each pilgrim
Each pilgrim will receive :

* a Mysteries of Mary Tarot Deck and Book

*  a Mary Magdalene tarot rosary which can be
worn to all sacred sites for blessing

*  a specially created pilgrim's tarot journal specifically
for the Mary Magdalene pilgrimage

*  sheets of images and small items for your own tarot
collage and tarot journalling - we will scavenge the village
brocantes for additional material and visit the shops at
the sacred sites for holy medals, etc.

*  a bottle of salts to be blessed and used in ritual

Final dates, details and prices will follow in due course.
If you are interested to receive more information or to be put
on the list, please send an email to
or subscribe on this blog
in the top of the right hand column.

The full itinerary will be posted here

The facilitators are Hettienne Grobler, artist,
 Creator and author of the Mysteries of Mary tarot deck,
founder of Temple of Mary,
spiritual teacher and guide and pilgrim to sites
sacred to the Divine Feminine across the globe for the past
20 years and

Terry de Vries, labyrinth facilitator, creatrix and
builder of labyrinths,  pilgrim who has walked the Camino four times,
shaman and yoga teacher
and priestess in Temple of Mary

We are both intrepid travellers, artists
and holders of energetic space with many years
of experience in working with groups.

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