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I am not taking on any students for the rest of 2017 and 2018
I will post here when this changes.


In order for God to exist It needs to be seen. As we hearken and give expression to the Unspeakable and the Invisible within ourselves, we are, in fact, creating God - Hettienne Ma Bhakty Maria

I am available as guide on your spiritual journey.  Guidance is obviously tailor made and adjusted to the sacred relationship between guide and pilgrim. I have assisted others on the spiritual journey for the past 20 years in various forms. I have powerful psychic abilities and work with intuition, kundalini energies, knowledge of myth, archetype, alchemy, astrology, tarot and spiritual or faith healing.

Now is the time to remember that all you do is sacred - Hafiz

*  Intuitive Reading   $150
    You can send specific questions or situations that need addressing or I can access your energy field,     and the Akashic records and give you a written report - 5 typed pages

*  Intuitive Reading with Spiritual Guidance  $175   
    Similar to the first one but I will provide you with certain spiritual practises which will help you to         become aware of your own unconscious patterns

Council of 12 Reading $175 - $200
   An archetypal reading which will provide you with your main archetypes, their myths, their stories        and correspondences;  how to work with these and their gifts and challenges.  These reports are not
   generic nor generated by software.  They take days and even weeks to 'read' and interpret and I pay      specific attention to the interplay of these archetypes and how and why they developed (where           applicable).  This reading can become the foundation of your spiritual journey for years and it can be     a  teaching tool between myself and the student.
*On-going spiritual guidance on a monthly basis $120 per month

*The year ahead forecast reading with specific dates and areas to be given attention to  $120

*Sacred Heart energetic transmission  $100 
 We have been conditioned in becoming emotionally numb and this leads to a deep state of isolation, loneliness and desperate feelings of being separate from your Source and Divine Self. You need to feel in order to heal.  Being in touch with the Divine Feminine and the Feminine Christ means that you are aware of the mortality of this physical life; that you have empathy with others, tolerance and deep compassion.  The Cosmic Heart Diksha will enable you to find true acceptance for your own personal self  and its archetypal journey into the Self. The Cosmic Heart Diksha can release emotional pain,  release anger and resentment and purify the energy system. It brings deep healing to the physical heart and the physical body as a whole. It has powerful grounding energies and bring you into your core and into your connection with Mother Earth and your own Spirit.

*Shaktypat  $150
An act of Grace by Guru and Divine.  I am the vehicle through which the awakening force of the sacred feminine flows to the receiver.

All of life is to be held in anointed hands - Joan Chittister

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth. 
The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite, and He bends you with His might that His arrows may go swift and far. 
Let your bending in the archer's hand be for gladness; 
For even as he loves the arrow that flies, so He loves also the bow that is stable.
Quote from Kahlil Giban's The Prophet

Earlier this week I caught a snippet of a programme on the History channel
on television on the spiritual practise of Japanese archery.
I cannot remember the exact commentary, but the few words that jumped out at me and
stayed with me for days were :
'the goal is to sacrifice the personal desire to hit the target and to rather allow
for the spirit and body to harmonise'.
It also brought to mind the definition of  'sin' to mean 'an archery term that means
to miss the mark'.

In the game of leela, in this world, you have two players, the proverbial
angel and daimon, the ego and Spirit.  At times you feel opposed,
at other times you feel as though you have the champion in your corner, but how often
do you feel in harmony with your Spirit?
What do you measure this harmony by? 
Do you look at how 'successful' your life is?
Do you measure it by how often you meet your goal?
I suppose, the important question is,
what is your goal?
And what would you say is the 'sin' of missing the mark?  One can only
know the answer to this if your know what the mark is.

When we let go of our desire to be clever or successful
or to change the world, or to create beautiful things,
we may begin to be open to the sacred truth 
of our experience as it is, not how we want it to be.

For you, as a spiritual person, in search of direct immersion in your Self and
Spirit, the mark cannot be the hitting of the target set out for you
by your personal self!!

I went to read up a bit more on Japanese archery and it seems that the spiritual practise
is regarded as a secret.  I would think that is because people have the tendency to take things out
of context and the mind has the tendency to claim ownership of that
which he does not understand at all!!

Kyudo is practiced in many different schools, some of which descend from military shooting and others that descend from ceremonial or contemplative practice. Therefore, the emphasis is different. Some emphasize aesthetics and others efficiency. Contemplative schools teach the form as a meditation in action. In certain schools, to shoot correctly will result inevitably in hitting the desired target. For this a phrase seisha hicchū, "true shooting, certain hitting", is used.

According to the Nippon Kyudo Federation the supreme goal of kyudo is the state of shin-zen-bi, roughly "truth-goodness-beauty",which can be approximated as: when archers shoot correctly (i.e. truthfully) with virtuous spirit and attitude toward all persons and all things which relate to kyudo (i.e. with goodness), beautiful shooting is realized naturally.

Kyudo practice  includes the idea of moral and spiritual development. Today many archers practice kyudo as a sport, with marksmanship being paramount. However, the goal most devotees of kyudo seek is seisha seichū, "correct shooting is correct hitting". In kyudo the unique action of expansion (nobiai) that results in a natural release, is sought. When the technique of the shooting is correct the result is that the arrow hits the target. To give oneself completely to the shooting is the spiritual goal, achieved by perfection of both the spirit and shooting technique leading tomunen musō, "no thoughts, no illusions". 

Perhaps the best way to explain the spirit of kyudo is to put it in Onuma sensei's words: "When shooting, sometimes we will hit the target but miss the self. At other times we will miss the target but hit the self. Our purpose, though, is to hit the target as the self and hope that the sharp sound of arrow penetrating paper will awaken us from the so-called 'dream of life' and give us real insight into the ultimate state of being."

 Their belief is that matters of the spirit are not teachable and that it is a waste of time to devote any part of your study to anything other than technical proficiency. This is understandable
but it is too much of an either/or view for my idea of spiritual teaching.
The development of the spirit is an ongoing, personal experience. A teacher may lead the way by his or her example but there is very little they can do to actually "teach" spirit. 

You can read the full article on my blog The Temple of Mary if you find
this spiritual approach to archery interesting and of value.
In the same way that the spiritual teachers do not claim that kyudo is
'special' or a 'better' spiritual path, neither do I claim that my approach
or tools are special or better.  In fact, there is nothing extraordinary about
any of it.  The essential elements of Awareness, Acceptance and Surrender to
Truth, Beauty and Wisdom that I apply on the Path of Love, are universal
to many other paths and traditions.
What makes it work is consistent application, inner honesty and personal
humility and hubris.

"Kyudo is a simple art consisting of just eight basic movements which take no more than a few minutes to complete. The practice of kyudo requires only that you align your body with the target, stand straight, fill yourself with spirit, and shoot with a pure heart and meaningful purpose."
Simple enough, we thought. But, we were in for a shock. Both of us are quick learners with good powers of observation and the ability to correctly translate physical movement into being. Kyudo looked easy enough, but that view quickly changed when we first picked up a Japanese bow. Never mind about shooting with a pure heart and meaningful purpose, it was completely overwhelming to simply keep the arrow nocked to the bowstring. It was very frustrating to say the least. For a long period of time all of our training sessions were of a strictly technical nature, giving weight to the idea of teaching technique and ignoring the spiritual aspects of Kyudo. So why did Onuma sensei insist that spirit was equally, if not more, important than technique? Because there are many levels to the development of the spirit.

And this is key in working with a spiritual teacher and guide.
There are many levels to the teachings and this can be extremely confusing.
All theories are 'true' - it depends on where you are standing on the mountain.
It is also important to know and understand your core nature and your
personal conditioning as well as archetypes.  It is not a matter of one size fits
all.  Your Spirit, although it is the One, it expresses in a very unique way
as the Many.

 Kyudo is an art and, as with any art form, personal emotion is reflected in the content of the art. In kyudo, anger will make your shooting tight and uncontrolled, frustration will create unsettling nervous tension, and excessive pride will rob the shooting of its beauty and elegance. It is that knowledge, and the ability to use the knowledge to control emotional self-expression that separates a true master of kyudo from a person who is merely technically proficient. 

Here I used the spirit of kyudo as a metaphor for the Path of Love
and thus it applies that as a spiritual seeker, your goal is to be in harmony with Soul and Spirit, in other words with Self and that requires sacrificing the ego and mind and its personal desires.

If you can imagine yourself as the archer, who sacrifices the need to hit the target
in order to harmonise himself with the bow and arrow
and with the flying of the arrow, regardless of hitting the target.......

When your goal is truly at-one-ment, and direct mystical living and experience,
then the personal will and desire has to be sacrificed.

Beginner's mind is the practise of coming to an experience wth an 
openness and a willingness to be transformed. 

It makes sense that if you want to become harmonised with Self which is no-thing,
you have to allow the personal self to be alchemically transformed and changed.
And here your personal will enters the picture as you have been given freedom of choice.
You can choose to cling to old habits, stubborn belief systems and comfortable
knee-jerk reactions, or you can crucify the personal will and live with
the tension of the opposites. 

Secondly, as in archery, the seeker has to go through the seemingly simple
practice, day after day, year after year.  It seems so simple and unnecessary.
To the mind it seems outdated and old-fashioned.
Why is all of this necessary, when I can merely aim at the target, shoot
and hit the target and walk away feeling satisfied with my efforts and results?
Because then you have missed the mark, my friend.

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  1. I LOVE the archery wisdom! Thank you for such an insightful blog!